A few words about us


    PROUD is a manufacturer of highly durable fitness, weightlifting and crossfit equipment. The company is run by professional athletes. Thus, our products are also designed to meet the requirements of professional use.

    • Quality and Design.
    • Experience in Implementation
  • what we do?

    Our products are being used at Olympic Sport Centers and weightlifting facilities, as well as at professional athletes rehabilitation centers, dealing with physical therapy.

    • Designed by athletes for athletes.
    • Leader of the sports equipment sector
  • why US?

    PROUD logo may be found at more than 85% of crossfit gyms in Poland, which is a proof of trust our customers have in us.

    • Complexity.
    • Constant Progress.
  • Quality and Design

    Did you ever work out so hard that you managed, somehow, to break the equipment? So did we. Then, we had a Eureka moment, inventing the PROUD brand. Our goal is to give you good looking, well-designed, functional and durable products.

  • Designed by athletes for athletes

    We have formed a team consisting of active sports enthusiasts. A majority of PROUD’s employees, including the CEO, has gathered a lot of professional sportsmanship experience, while others have been working as personal trainers. The expertise acquired through the experience makes it possible for us to put on your shoes as a sportsman, coach or gym owner.

  • Experience in Implementation

    Throughout the period of our market presence in Poland, the brand has become a trustworthy leader of the pro-sporting equipment sector. We have completed several projects, starting from small, private training studios, with large, commercial gyms to finish with. The aforesaid experience also provided us with advising expertise, allowing us to assist you in creation of your equipment procurement plans.

  • Constant Progress

    Our company is formed by goal-achievers. Facing the demanding market requirements we are constantly expanding the range of offered products, upgrading the equipment and offering advice to business owners, to assist them in tackling the ever-changing market trends. PROUD is currently developing distribution chain in Europe and Asia.

  • Complexity

    Our offer includes a whole range of gym-dedicated products, for building your stamina and strength. We act as a local dealer of the Concept2 and Assault gym equipment. The steel structures are being designed and tailored to the customer’s vision and the available space. Furthermore, we can also offer individual branding for your gym, to make it stand out in between the other facilities in your region.

Map of the Business Activities
We remain one of the most significant and trustworthy suppliers of pro-grade training equipment in Poland.
PROUD is also becoming a fierce and serious competitor on the European market.

PROUD, currently, offers a comprehensive system of products and advisory services for fitness, weightlifting and crossfit facilities.

It is our goal to become the leading equipment supplier in Europe and Asia.

We are currently in process of creating a distribution chain that would remain active within the aforesaid markets. If you are interested in working with us, do not hesitate to reach out!

Development Prospects
  • Berlin
  • Berlin
  • Rome
  • Paris


Whether you’re looking for crossfit equipment, have inquiries related to your order, or whether you are facing a problem of equipping your gym, or even in case when you just want to say hi, here are the ways to contact us. We’ll help you resolve your issues quickly and with dedication, rapidly getting you back to more important things, like some workout.
Should you be an individual customer, contact our regional representative or use the contact form.

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